Jaguar Land Rover

BeursnaamBrussels Motor Show 2020
Naam klantJaguar Land Rover
Aantal m²2178 m²

When design and convenience meet

For the dual stand of Jaguar - Land Rover, luxury is at the heart of the design. Our designers used qualitative materials exclusively, our craftsmen made sure every detail was looked after meticulously. As a finishing touch, we decorated the stand with elegant furniture.

At the Land Rover part of the stand, it’s all about adventure. The new Defender got its own lounge on the second floor of the booth, and we even built a climbing wall for all daredevils out there. Dark wooden planks were used as a repeated design element. The result? A natural atmosphere and a high-end look and feel.

We paid attention to design and finishing without compromising on convenience: made up of two floors, the enormous stand housed a comfortable lounge with bar, over 25 separate sales booths, and over 200 m2 of backstage space for staff.

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