Marine Harvest nam begin 2019 de nieuwe naam Mowi aan en lanceerde hiermee een totaal nieuw stand concept op SEG, ’s werelds grootste handelsbeurs voor vis- en zeevruchten.

BeursnaamSEG 2019
Naam klantMowi
Aantal m²336 m²
Mowi stand door Creaplan7

Seafood producer MOWI asked us to create a stand that revolves around their brand values: authenticity, pureness, caring for the planet and people, back to basics. They wanted to clearly incorporate their new logo and branding, and link to their Scandinavian roots. They wanted to emphasize the essence of 'good food' and allow their visitors to taste their products on the stand.

Creaplan delivered on all fronts, starting with implementing the brand values. One of the eyecatchers of the stand is a large cooking rack filled with kitchen utensils and ingredients, underlining the purity of the MOWI products. The herringbone pattern in the wooden back wall of the stand reminds of fish and the ocean. Details all around like sheepskin plaids refer to the Scandinavian roots of the company.

Mowi stand door Creaplan3 Mowi stand door Creaplan6 Mowie stand door Creaplan9

The hospitality aspect was very important to the customer, so we provided a long dining table, several smaller cosy tables and decorated everything nicely so the stand almost felt like a restaurant. In the centre of the stand we put an open kitchen for live cooking demonstrations, to bring the products closer to people and involve them in the preparation.

We put the new MOWI brand in the picture by putting emphasis on the large Omega-logo, grand atmospheric visuals and imagery and LED walls.

Mowi stand door Creaplan3 Mowi stand door Creaplan Mowi-stand-door-Creaplan8