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Creaplan delivers quality, without unpleasant surprises.”

Mark Coopmans, PR & Events Manager, KIA Motors Belgium

With Creaplan, we consciously choose for a long-term partnership.”

Dimitri Peeters, Marketing director BSH Home Appliances

We know that we can count on Creaplan as a partner, which gives us peace of mind.”

Eva Willemen, Channel Marketeer Projects Niko

Our core characteristics

Design & creativity

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Our team of designers always strive to conceive something that truly brings your story to life while ensuring that your project stands out.

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High-quality and sustainable materials

Qualitative, sustainable and innovative – it’s at the core of the materials we use as well as the look and feel we strive to achieve in each of our projects, large or small.

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Eye for detail and high-level finishing

Our craftsmen follow the plan down to the smallest detail and make sure everything is finished meticulously. That’s how we guarantee that the end result is nothing less than excellent.

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Expertise and experience

With almost 25 years of expertise, we know all about the complexity of a project. Creaplan makes sure you can rest easy. We deliver on-time, wherever. Be it in Europe, Dubai or even Vegas.

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Full service partnership

We take care of your project from A to Z: coordinated by us but always in close collaboration with you. Always aiming for a fantastic overall experience, without any worries. That’s our goal.

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Every great design begins with an even better story

25 years of expertise.

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