Meeting boxes

Create extra space or rearrange your office with our meeting boxes. Freely positionable, no big construction works required. Small or large, with glass walls or opaque side panels? You decide what your box looks like.

More space in the office

Flexible concept

Our freely positionable meeting boxes allow you to create an enclosed workplace in a larger space. Meeting room, brainstorming spot or an extra office? The box offers room for 1 to 6 people, depending on your wishes. The boxes are equipped with lighting, sockets, ventilation and more.

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Audiovisual integrations

Our meeting boxes can be upgraded with all the necessary equipment for a hassle free meeting experience. If desired, we can provide extra screens, beamers, speakers and microphones – everything needed to meet and work remotely. Each box is upholstered with fabric in a colour of your choice, for a pleasant acoustic experience.

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Finishing of your choosing

Thanks to our different finishes, you decide what your meeting box looks like. Choose opaque panels for a feeling of privacy, or create an open environment and enjoy natural daylight with glass side walls. Choose between a white or black frame and finish off with your logo, stickers and brand visuals. We’ll gladly take care of the interior design – in line with your branding, using high quality materials and furniture only.

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Outdoor units

We also offer meeting boxes for outdoor use. A waterproof, well-insulated outdoor meeting box can serve as an extension of your showroom, as a relaxing meeting room surrounded by nature or as an extra reception area for your customers.

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Interested in your own meeting box?

We'd love to personally inspire you with the many possibilities. Want to share ideas with our experts? Get in touch or give us a call on +32 9 381 80 30.