Brand events

Organising a brand event is the perfect way to immerse customers, partners and employees in the world of your brand. Think product launches, VIP days, road shows, partner meetups, training seminars and more. A big presentation area with subtle product corners on the side, or a rather cosy setting with lots of room to connect with your visitors? You can pick and mix our different layout elements to create the perfect setting for your event.

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Create the perfect setting for your event

Entrance area with information desk

A flawless brand experience starts at the entrance. Make a great first impression and awe your visitors with an entrance area that amazes. The information desk is customisable to fit your branding and equipped with storage room for documents, merchandise and more. Additional led walls and interactive displays complete the brand experience.

1 entrance area 1
1 entrance area 2
1 entrance area 5
1 entrance area 4

Presentation area with AV equipment

Inspire and inform visitors with speaker sessions at the presentation area. The stage is equipped with all the necessary audiovisual tools needed for a seamless presentation experience, including brand visuals and supportive displays.

Additionally we’ll provide you with the tools to livestream your event. That way you can take your event online and reach more people than could ever fit in your venue.

2 presentation corner 6
Brand events grohe 2
Pro CAM1 6
2 Presentation corner 2
2 Presentation corner 4

Product presentation corners

The product corner is the place to put your goods in the spotlight. Choose between a presentation corner that shows your product, or an interactive corner where visitors can test and experience what you have to offer. Or why not a combination of both?

The product corners come in all shapes and sizes, depending on what you want to use them for. The design is always customised to match your branding.

3 product corner 1
Brand events grohe 8
3 product corner 6
3 product corner 5
3 product corner 8
3 product corner 7
3 product corner 4
3 product corner 9
3 product corner 11

Connect area

Stimulating networking possibilities increases the chance of your guests going home satisfied. With a bar area and adjoining lounge corner, guests can take their break in style. Organise tastings, cooking shows and demos and connect with your visitor.

4 connect area 1
Brand events grohe 5
4 connect area 2
4 connect area 4
4 connect area 3
4 connect area 6
4 connect area 5

Phygital brand event

A real life event will undoubtedly leave an impression, but by bringing your event online you can reach an even wider audience. With a phygital brand event, you combine the best of online and offline. Creaplan recreates your event in a virtual environment in which visitors can roam around from anywhere in the world.

3b Creaplan virtual interiors
1a Creaplan virtual stands
3 Creaplan virtual stands 2

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