Displays are very efficient tools that help you visually present things in a limited space or flexibly (re)arrange your room or office. The possibilities are truly endless! Here are some examples to inspire you.

Types of displays

Audiovisual unit

Our audiovisual units come in all shapes and sizes. Tell us about your idea, we'll provide you with plenty of options.

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Looking for an easy way to inform your customers? Small portable displays such as the iCon can be used anywhere and anytime.

I Con Large

Product display

Product displays make your products stand-out.

2015 BSH demowand

Meeting booths (open & closed)

To provide privacy, cosiness or simply better acoustics. Meeting booths work wonders in all kinds of spaces.


Phone booths

To not disturb anyone or to not be disturbed? The choice is up to you. A phone booth works both ways.


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