Safety solutions

The Covid-19-crisis introduced us to a series of unprecedented challenges. It urged businesses worldwide to switch to an entirely new way of working. That's why we developed a new range of flexible furniture and interior solutions, so you can get back to work as safely, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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Types of safety solutions

Health displays

From automatic disinfectant dispenser with sensor to protective gloves, mouth masks, tissues and more. Equipped with a dustbin for clean disposal. Available in all shapes and sizes, the displays can be completely designed to your liking. Creaplan offers all-in service: we provide and restock supplies. Also available as single units or wall-mounted units.

Display 09
15b WALL
Display 08
Knokke min

Heat display

Heat display equipped with heat sensor that measures deviations in body temperature. Visitors are requested to go through the display before entering the room. The device is touchless and automatic: instructions for the visitor are given via a screen. Thanks to a sensor instead of a camera, the display respects privacy legislation.

Heat Display 1a
Heat Display small web
Heat Display

Safety furniture

Safety furniture protects both employee and visitor. They ensure social distancing measures can be followed with ease. Available in several shapes, sizes and styles.

Modular reception desk 3
Horeca Safety solutions web 8
Protective shop counter
Modular reception desk 2
Transparent protection 2 2

Remote working made easy

As remote working might become the new normal, upgrading your meeting room to a multimedia room is a great opportunity.

Multimedia Room Medium
Multimedia Pod
Multimediaroom medium
Multimedia Room

Safe at work

By rearranging your workspace in a smart way, you can keep working without having to compromise on safety.

Protective desk screen 5
Supermarkt beschermingswanden
Horeca scheidingswand web 3
Kapper Scheidingswanden
Protective desk screens 2
Horeca scheidingswand web 1
Protective desk screens 3
Horeca scheidingswand web 2

Mobile hand wash station

Since washing with water and soap is the most skin-friendly way of disinfecting your hands, we developed this convenient mobile hand wash station with automatic water tap and touchless soap dispenser. No access to water or power supply needed thanks to its built-in water container and rechargeable battery. Includes a drawer with a waste bin and a tissue holder.

Mobiele wastafel 4
Mobiele wastafel 3
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