Creaplan Group wants to grow into major European player

Creaplan Group based in Nazareth (BE), 30 years young, is brimming with health and ambition. KebeK Private Equity is stepping down, the management and current shareholders are continuing. With this redesigned shareholder structure, the innovative design company wants to further conquer Europe. During 2026, the employees will also move to a new building nearby. “Now we are really ready for the future,” says CEO Michael Debaveye.

Creaplan CEO Michael Debaveye COO Vincent Lievens 2

Thirty years ago, Creaplan was founded by Ann Vancoillie and Dirk Deleu and grew into the Belgian market leader in stand building. During the corona pandemic, Creaplan also took off in the corporate interior segment (showrooms, offices…), where experience is key, just like with their stands. “All strong brands want that kind of experience”, says CEO Michael Debaveye. “We also create that experience at corporate and sports events through For Live, the Dutch specialist in live communication projects and online broadcasting, which we acquired in 2021. Everything we do falls under the label of experiential marketing."

Strong shareholder structure

In June 2018, external shareholders KebeK Private Equity & Walter Mastelinck came on board, as well as CEO Michael Debaveye and COO Vincent Lievens.
Now follows another milestone with the exit of majority shareholder KebeK Private Equity. “We are pleased with the nice growth and development over the past few years, and wish the team every success in further expanding the company,” said Gert Van Huffel, managing partner of KebeK Privaty Equity.
In the redrawn shareholder landscape, Walter Mastelinck, Ann Vancoillie and Dirk Deleu (founders of Creaplan & Aluvision), Alain Bostoen (chairman of Christeyns), and Ruud Van den Berg (founder of For Live), form the shareholders of the Creaplan Group, together with Michael and Vincent and some managers.
“With the experienced management team led by Michael and Vincent and this group of entrepreneurial shareholders, we are ready to realise growth”, says Walter Mastelinck, chairman of the board of directors.

Further expansion in Europe

Creaplan performed strongly over the last five years, both organically and through acquisitions. Turnover doubled to 20 million euros. Debaveye: “We now want to further grow organically from the existing locations (Nazareth BE & Amersfoort NL) and also strengthen our geographical presence in Europe through acquisitions. Creaplan will move to a new building along the E17 highway in Nazareth in the course of 2026. This move will give us another boost.”

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Confidence boost

Creaplan Group presents itself as high end in all areas: in design, technology, finishing, timing and service. Clients arrive at their event or booth, the fridge is full, they are completely unburdened, and enjoy a beautiful setting in which to do business.
A driven team of 75 employees takes care of this, supplemented by a pool of 150 freelancers. “Thanks to our new structure and growth plans, we are confident that our people can develop further within the group, both here and in future European branches. This also builds confidence in our employees. Because certainly in our sector, they still make the difference”, Vincent Lievens concludes.

KIA Autosalon Made by Creaplan1 LVD Euroblech Made by Creaplan7 Showroom Lamett Made by Creaplan11 Siemens Showroom Made by Creaplan20 Referentie For Live Audiovisuals Backbase Connect Referentie For live WK Schaatsen