Deusjevoo returns to its roots, Creaplan takes over stand building activities

Stand and interior builder Creaplan from Nazareth takes over the stand building activities of Deusjevoo from Genk. In the future, Deusjevoo will focus even more on set construction in the TV and entertainment sector in the Benelux.

Deusjevoo Management Creaplan CEO Michael Debaveye

Stand and interior builder Creaplan from Nazareth takes over the stand building activities of Deusjevoo from Genk. In the future, Deusjevoo will focus even more on set construction in the TV and entertainment sector in the Benelux.

The live communication industry, which has been practically silent for a year and a half, has finally taken off again. And that involves some restructuring. Creaplan’s CEO Michael Debaveye explains. “The stand building market has been undergoing an evolution for some time now, that was accelerated by the corona crisis. Certain companies have left the sector, while others are shifting focus or becoming part of a consolidation.” The same goes for Deusjevoo. Creaplan, which has grown into a European player, will take over the projects of the Limburg set builder and execute them from their studio in Nazareth, with the existing team that will be strengthened further.

Back to the roots

This decision also comes at an ideal time in Deusjevoo's growth strategy. Twenty-three years ago, Jo Peters' company was founded as an interior and decoration construction company for the entertainment sector, among others. Not too long after that, the company located in Genk quickly grew into the market leader in the TV decor sector in Flanders. Deusjevoo's decors can be seen in shows such as Familie, the Cooke & Verhulst Show, Rad van Fortuin and K2 zoekt K3. The set builder is experiencing unprecedented growth, not only in Belgium but in the Netherlands as well.

“Over the years, exhibition stands have been added, which now occupy an important position within our service range. Now, however, we want to review and sharpen our focus. We looked at where we can still grow and realized that we really are an established name in the entertainment sector. It’s our absolute passion. That is why we now, more than ever, want to focus on sets for the entertainment sector and TV studios for companies (either virtual or physical). We will of course continue to fully focus on experience-based architecture for offices, retail, catering and showrooms,” says Peters.

Deusjevoo CEO Jo Peters Deusjevoo Algemeen Directeur Niels Stilman

Connection between Deusjevoo and Creaplan

According to Peters, it quickly became clear that Creaplan is a suitable partner. “It was important to us that our dear customers would end up somewhere good. It is not easy to find a suitable partner. The level of creativity and service needs to be high, and the acquirer must have the resources and experience to travel internationally with our clients. With those requirements in mind, Creaplan quickly emerged as the ideal long-term collaboration partner. Deusjevoo will continue to develop concepts for a number of clients as a concept agency, but will not build them anymore. From now on, it will be Creaplan who takes care of the implementation from A to Z.

For Vincent Lievens, COO of Creaplan, Deusjevoo's stand building activities fit perfectly within the existing activities. “Our professionals have all the expertise in-house to fulfill the expectations of Deusjevoo's customers, from architects to stand builders. Coming up with creative concepts and converting them into solid realizations with a strong brand experience is what we are good at, both in traditional wooden construction and for modular stands.”

Referenties Deusjevoo standen HP

“We are further expanding our structure and services: quality & service on the one hand and experience & design on the other, however, remain the anchor points in our offer. This gives our customers more options under the same familiar roof – the so-called one-stop-shop –, in a European context as well."

Michael Debaveye, Creaplan

Acquisitions as part of growth trajectory

Less than a year ago, Creaplan took over the stand building activity from the West Flemish Bulik and recently bought the Dutch (hybrid) event expert For Live as the starting signal for an international group story. Debaveye:

Creaplan CEO Michael Debaveye Creaplan COO Vincent Lievens 2

About Deusjevoo

Deusjevoo from Genk is one of the biggest set-builders in the country. They have built numerous studios for TV channels VTM, VRT, Play4 and Eén, visible on television screens for millions of Flemish people every day, and reach many customers in the entertainment sector abroad as well. CEO Jo Peters founded Deusjevoo in 1999 and currently leads a team of 20 employees from their offices at the C-mine site in Genk.

About Creaplan

Creaplan, based in Nazareth, was founded in 1994 by entrepreneurial duo Dirk Deleu & Ann Vancoillie. Since then it has grown to become a market leader in the Belgian stand landscape and is evolving into a European player, partly driven by new shareholders KeBeK Private Equity and Walter Mastelinck. The company counts on a team of 50 employees and 80 freelancers for the construction of stands, business interiors and displays, with a client base ranging from Belgian SMEs to multinationals all over Europe.

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