New: Safety Solutions

The Covid-19-crisis introduced us to a series of unprecedented challenges. It urged businesses worldwide to switch to an entirely new way of working. That's why we developed a new range of flexible furniture and interior solutions, so you can work as safely and as efficiently as possible.

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For retail, offices, hospitality and more

The new range is developed for production environments as well as retail and offices. Our products range from health displays with protective materials to protective furniture and teleworking infrastructure. We developed these to support companies in maintaining safety measures at work. Our solutions can be deployed flexibly, have a low entry cost and can also be rented.

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Stands, interiors, displays and Safety solutions

Our Safety Solutions join our existing service range of stands, interiors and displays. COO Vincent Lievens explains: "With all the European trade fairs and events temporarily on hold starting from March, our workshop came to a complete standstill. The first weeks we used our resources to develop 2 kilometres of mobile walls available to hospitals and residential care centres, to expand their capacity. After that, we started thinking about how we could support companies during this period as well".

The end result of that thinking exercise is a range of furniture and interior solutions, from partitions over mobile washbasins to, of course, our now familiar health displays and temperature check displays.


Durable materials and neat finish

Chances are that this new caution and prevention in the workplace is part of the new normal. That's why - as is always the case for our stands, interiors and displays - we consciously opt for durable materials and solutions that last a long time. We double down on service at the same time: we not only do installation of the health displays, we also supply the materials. That way, you no longer have to look for mouth masks and hand sanitizer etc. yourself.

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Setting up your workspace safely?

You can read all about our interior solutions on the Safety solutions page. You can already find our solutions at Brussels Airport, BMW, EY, P&G, Alpro and more.