Odisee University

Creaplan built four box-in-box recording studios for Odisee Hogeschool. From these mobile boxes, placed in campus Aalst and Brussels, teachers can record their lessons or do a livestream.

Fair nameAalst & Brussels
ClientOdisee University
J2 A0460 min

Audiovisual applications

The boxes were equipped with all the necessary audiovisual material for an HD livestream or film recording: a camera, lighting, and two screens with which the speaker can see his presentation and can interact with his audience. Two touchscreens with control panel are at the teacher’s disposal on a standing desk that can be adjusted in height. For the visual integrations we worked together with Whitemilk.

J2 A0494 min J2 A0539 min J2 A0525 min

High-quality finishing

We provided the boxes with a seamless finish in the form of a wooden floor and wall construction, silent ventilation, acoustic carpet and painting. The boxes are black on the inside so you get a real film studio effect.

The recording studios are soundproof in two directions thanks to the insulation walls and soundproof door. A fabric has also been attached to the ceiling to improve acoustics.

The biggest advantage of this box-in-box is that you can place one wherever you want, without having to rearrange the whole room or do major structural work.

J2 A0537 min J2 A0520 min J2 A0484 min

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