Fair nameCaravan Show 2019
Number of m²242 m²

Swedish outdoor & transportation products expert Thule wanted a stand that displays as many products as possible spread out over the available space, including a separate floor to receive VIP customers. Important aspect was that the stand had to have a Swedish look and feel. We were also asked to provide enough space for large LED walls because Thule has lots of beautiful brand movies that could be displayed on the stand.

485 THULE CARAVAN hal 13 EDU 09 485 THULE CARAVAN hal 13 EDU 10

Our goal was to build a stand in which the extra VIP floor blends in perfectly within the stand. That's why the architecture is inspired by a minimalist villa, constructed around a central staircase leading to the VIP floor.

The design focuses on a stylish look and feel without compromising on essential functions, making it one consistent whole. All product presentations are positioned along the edge of the stand, easily accessible to visitors. The Thule brand was clearly represented by using the VIP floors to attach LED walls and large 3D logos to.

485 THULE CARAVAN hal 13 EDU 08 485 THULE CARAVAN hal 13 EDU 13 485 THULE CARAVAN hal 13 EDU 04

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