Inspiration for your next exhibition stand x9!

After a long wait, the trade fair sector is back in business. Our designers and project managers are hard at work on some major exhibition stands for the first international fairs starting from September. Still looking for inspiration for your next exhibition stand? These are some of our favourites!

Creaplan Mowi16 LR

Rebranding in the picture for MOWI

Seafood company Marine Harvest recently changed their name to MOWI. At the world’s biggest trade fair for Seafood in Brussels, they launched their new name and brand new exhibition stand concept, designed by Creaplan. They asked us create a stand that revolves around their brand values: authenticity, pureness and caring for the planet and people.

Curious to see how we did? Read the full story of the MOWI stand at SEG Brussels!


Customer experience at its finest for Van Marcke

Van Marcke is a Belgian company specialising in warmth and water home appliances, offering anything for the bathroom, kitchen and more. At Batibouw, Belgium’s biggest construction and renovation trade fair, we put customer experience at the centre of the booth. Various interactive customer experience applications put Van Marcke's product range in the spotlight in a fun and exciting way.

Discover all the integrations we installed in the Van Marcke booth at Batibouw!


A stand that feels like home: Niko

Whatever it is you like to do at home, Niko offers home automation products that go along with it. The best way to demonstrate the numerous possibilities of the Niko products? Constructing a stand that feels like home, of course!

For this stand, Creaplan created a recognizable and cosy environment where Niko's products and technologies are shown to end consumers in realistic situations. No overload of products, but clear scenarios that let visitors experience how easy and simple home automation can be.

Check out the Niko stand at Batibouw for more inspiration.


Limited space, high impact at Euroshop

For our own booth at Euroshop 2020, we wanted to challenge ourselves to create a highly impactful stand with only a limited amount of space available. With lots of LED tiles, LED strips and a clever lay-out, we optimised the available space without making the whole seem overwhelming and created a true Sea of inspiration!

Want to see what Creaplan's very own exhibition stand at Euroshop looked like?

500 VANHOOL BUSWORLD 2019 Brussel EDU 05

Creating space for Van Hool

Van Hool, independent manufacturer of buses, coaches, and industrial vehicles, wanted to exhibit its strength at Busworld Europe by presenting no fewer than 3 world premieres to the general public. To display these 3 brand new vehicles and 5 existing models, space was of the essence. They also asked us to provide a welcoming hospitality environment.

Curious to see how Creaplan tackled this challenge? Read all about the Van Hool booth at Busworld Europe on our references page.

Jaguar Landrover 005

Luxury and adventure for Jaguar Land Rover

For the Brussels Motor Show 2020, Jaguar Land Rover chose Creaplan as local partner. Plenty of challenges to tackle, as we had to display two separate brands in harmony on one stand, with both of them still retaining their own identity. We had to follow a very strict brand guide, with a strong focus on premiumness and a VIP feeling in every corner of the stand.

Wondering how we combined luxury, eye for detail and adventure in one stand? Discover all about the Jaguar Land Rover booth.


A stand that feels like an airport for ADB Safegate

Airport solutions expert ADB Safegate wanted a stand where experience is key, using digital applications to leave a lasting impression with visitors. They asked us to imitate an airport environment with a strong focus on different product areas on one hand, and room for hospitality on the other hand.

Visit our ADB Safegate stand reference page to find out what the end result looked like.

485 THULE CARAVAN hal 13 EDU 01

Plenty of space for brand visuals for Thule

Outdoor & transportation products expert Thule wanted a stand with a Swedish look and feel that displays as many products as possible spread out over the available space. We were asked to provide enough space for large LED walls because Thule has lots of beautiful brand movies that could be displayed on the stand. Our architects designed a stand constructed around a central staircase leading to a VIP floor.

Be inspired by this stand that effortlessly combines brand imagery and product presentation: Thule at Caravan Show 2019!


Technical products displayed in a non-technical way, for Niko

How do you present technical products in a non-technical way? By telling stories. Creaplan built a tunnel-like stand with a focus on both innovation and emotion. Because we never compromise on convenience and functionality, we provided beautifully finished handleless cupboards and a seating and presentation niche finished in the Niko Pure Dark Bamboo wood finishing, which not only looks but also smells nice. It's all about the details.

Want to see what more details we added? Take a look at our compact Niko stand for Interieur 2018!

Feeling inspired already?

Creaplan takes care of your stand from A to Z - from the creative brainstorm to international transport and installation. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you all about the possibilities.